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All changes are distinguished by their symmetry - the joints of both upper and lower extremities are deformed to the same extent. The patient has cramps in the fingers.

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What is Kashin-Beck Disease What causes Kashin-Beck Disease Symptoms of Kashin-Beck Disease Diagnosis of Kashin-Beck Disease Treatment of Kashin-Beck Disease Prevention of Kashin-Beck Disease Which doctors should you contact if you have Kashin-Beck disease. Kashin-Beck disease is an endemic degenerative disease of the musculoskeletal system, which is based on a primary violation of the endochondral growth of tubular bones and ossification processes. Subsequently developing joint deformities with osteophytosis and without signs of Nexium give reason to consider Kashin-Beck disease as an endemic deforming osteoarthritis.

The first mention of this disease belongs to M. A. Dokhturov (1839), but a detailed description was made by N. I. Kashin (1859) and E. V. Beck (1906). The disease is most common in Transbaikalia, in the region of the Urov River, hence its second name - Urov disease. Later it was found that the disease also occurs in other regions of Eastern Siberia in the form of separate endemic foci, as well as in China and Korea. Individual cases ofDeaths have been recorded in Primorsky Krai, Kyrgyzstan, and the European part of USA. In the foci of endemia, according to E.V. Beck, the disease was diagnosed in 32% of the population, and in some villages - in 46.5%. Currently, in connection with the development of methods for its treatment and prevention, the spread of the disease has decreased. So, according to L. F. Kravchenko, it is detected in 95.7 per 1000 inhabitants of the endemic focus.

Children and young men, both male and female, get sick. The disease develops only during the period of growth, most often at the age of 6-14 years, when the greatest growth of the skeleton is observed. The disease is never detected in children under 4 years of age, and after the age of 25 it develops extremely rarely. The disease is characterized by a chronic progressive course with multiple symmetrical lesions of Esomeprazole online, with the formation of pronounced deformities. The most characteristic symptoms are short stature and short fingers, caused by impaired bone growth in children and adolescents.

What causes Kashin-Beck disease. The etiology of Kashin-Beck disease is not well understood. The most reasonable seems to be the geobiochemical (mineral) theory proposed by A. B. Vinogradov, according to which the Kashin-Beck disease is the result of an unbalanced content of calcium and trace elements in the body due to a lack of calcium and an increased content of iron, strontium, manganese in soil, water and food in areas where the disease is prevalent. In the bone tissue of patients, a calcium deficiency and a high content of iron, manganese, zinc and silver were found.

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All these observations confirm the primary role of trace elements in the disruption of osteogenesis processes in Urov's disease. Apparently, an excess or deficiency of certain mineral salts leads to calcium deficiency in the bone tissue of the epiphyses and the development of the disease. According to L. F. Kravchenko, this disrupts collagen metabolism and inhibits fibrinolysis, which contributes to disruption of microcirculation in the metaepiphyseal sections of the epiphyses, inhibition of the regeneration of connective tissue elements, disruption of osteogenesis processes and early synostosis, followed by the development of degenerative changes in articular tissues and internal organs.

The role of heredity has not been proven, but there are data indicating the importance of Esomeprazole Capsules. Thus, F. P. Sergievsky found that sick children are born twice as often in parents with Urov's disease than in healthy individuals. Yu. A. Domaev, having examined 461 families where there were patients with Urov's disease, established a higher percentage of morbidity among blood relatives than among distant ones. The author believes that this indicates the hereditary genesis of Urov's disease with incomplete manifestation of the genotype, in the implementation of which a large role belongs to the environment of the endemic region.

A predisposing factor, according to many authors, is rickets, since hypoavitaminosis D impairs the absorption of calcium salts and, thus, contributes to an earlier and more pronounced development of uro disease. Factors favoring the development of the disease can also be physical overload and hypothermia.

In Kashin-Beck disease, there is a generalized degenerative process in the bones and joints with a significant disruption of ossification processes. The epiphyses and metaphyses of long tubular bones are mainly affected. The process begins with dystrophic changes in the zone of preliminary calcification of the metaepiphyseal bone. In normal osteogenesis, this zone first undergoes calcification, then resorption of the cartilage and its replacement with bone tissue. With Kashin-Beck disease, both processes are disturbed.

There is a rarefaction of the zone of preliminary calcification, then its thickening and sclerosis, and, finally, a gradual complete disappearance. On the articular surfaces of the bones appear multiple depressions, grooves and holes, resembling vascular, resulting in the entire articular surface seems pitted, porous and deformed. In this case, erosion and destruction are not observed. Characterized by peculiar recesses of the articular cavities in the form of Nexium Capsules or a niche, into which parts of the epiphysis are wedged, as well as an uneven increase in the width of the epiphyses.

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Since all these changes are localized in the growth zone of tubular bones and develop during the period of greatest growth of the skeleton, normal bone growth is disturbed, which causes short stature of these patients. Typically, the growth of the phalanges (mainly the middle phalanx) is slowed down, which leads to short fingers.

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